We happily announce that It’s a Wig! had new photoshoots for our Spring 2013 catalog.They were taken on 121212 ! (Dec 12, 2012) as like the photographer Mr. Lee’s singing words “one two one two….nice shot!”

Chekesha on HH Erena. People will doubt whether she is posing for wig or her outfit due to her ‘catwalk’ pose. And, of course, it’s also because her wig looks so natural just like her own!

Ms. Bobbi Jo talked herself “ I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wig!”, sitting on a chair in the studio.

sitting on a chair in the studio. You don’t often hear that she repeats “LOVE” so many times at the precious moment, the short break during the all-day-long photo shoot. Can tell that’s true, seeing her fingers never stopping to caress HH REMI LADY GODIVA. The long strands splashed out of her delicate fingers don’t get tangled with its silky texture.

silky texture. That is what every woman will desire to have….Nonetheless, I’d say the most reason to vote for HH REMI LADY GODIVA is its sustainability to fit your scalp and the extra-long length flowing down to the waist line.

If you want to pay for more dollars on wigs for something special, it should be for this kind of sophistication. The wig will click into your head not allowing any useless space between your scalp and the wig skin, and goes down like elegant water falls with dignity.


Trust our picky Bobbi Jo’s favorite! Dole-face maker Darya is making up on Bobbi Jo.

I love this pic because it has fumes of serious spirit from the experienced make-up artist. What Darya is wearing?

It’s her natural hair. Now you see the ladies’ hair looks alike! Natural hair vs. Natural-looking-wig! Chekesha, Bobbi, and Rosemarie’s super natural smile for their iphones!

Can we capture those smiles for our catalog under studio lights? studio lights? I personally like the models’ break-time-face-expression. It shows who she is and even her lovely shyness while they look so confident and just professional on the stage.

Our board director, Sophy is styling Bobby’s favorite bang. Not trying to show up our wigs, I have to tell you again that I am amused by how the wigs look natural with the models! The naturality is completed not only by its design, but also by director Sophy’s master hand!