Gone are the days of totally obvious weaves. While the wild styles of your favorite celebrities are fun, natural-looking locks are hot. Creating a natural part in a weave starts with knowing where you want the hair to part before you begin braiding the cornrows. The most natural-looking parts are centered at the front of your head, like Beyonce, or positioned to the side, likeTamar Braxton, to give your bangs a side-swept look.

Begin with Cornrows
After you wash and dry your locks, use a rattail comb to create a neat, sleek part at the front of your head. If your hair is on the unruly side, use clips to hold the hair near the part in place.
Then use clips to separate the tresses that you don’t want to include in the weave. Then, starting along the part in your hair, make horizontal cornrows. Base the length of the cornrows on the amount of hair you want to weave into your own locks. Use hair extension hair to help reinforce the hair in the cornrows, but make sure to keep the plaits thin and flat. When you finish making the cornrows, use a weaving needle and hair thread to sew the back ends of the braids in the cornrows. Sew your hair as if you were mending a sock – the point is to secure the ends of the plaits so they don’t become loose.

Weaving the Hair
When weaving hair into your own locks, start at the back of your head. Measure a track of hair horizontally across a row of braided hair, and cut the track to size. After threading a weaving needle with hair thread, secure the ends and middle of the track to the ends and middle of the cornrow with a few quick stitches. Then weave the hair thread between the track of hair and the cornrow using a basic sewing stitch. The stitch you use doesn’t matter, as long it lays flat and keeps the track flat against the cornrow. Continue to add lengths of hair tracks along your cornrows.

Creating the Part
Sew a track of hair onto the cornrows on either side of the part you created. Once those are in place, you can still have a big gap between the edges of the hair tracks. Cut strips of the hair tracks that are about an inch long and sew them into your own hair, on either side of the part, starting at the front of your head.

Finishing the Part
If the hair in weave kit didn’t come with a finishing piece that you simply sew into your hair, there are two different ways to finish creating the part in a weave. The first is to sew the back edges of the hair tracks that meet at the part in your hair, leaving your scalp exposed. The second is to sew the edges of the tracks together along the part in your hair, which creates a part in the weave, but won’t make your scalp visible. The best option depends on the type of hair track you use and personal preference.

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