Our three heroines, Bobbi, Chekesha, and Heather were modeling for our newly produced wigs on March 13th. Thank you ladies!


I learned that “Don’t assume what the lady would love the most among the new wigs”. I predicted that Bobbi would love Dixie the most as I find her special charm in her androgynous appeal. Bobbi’s favorite wig was extra-long natural hair. “It because the texture is so silky and soft if caressing the long natural hair, and yeah, it’s so beautiful as well!” said Bobbi. She was absolutely right to say that.


The long natural hair looked fabulous on her and it was just like her own hair. It deserved to be called “Natural” Chekesha was a goddess of the ‘curly-long-natural hair’. Her exotic face was calling the natural look. So we put Hawaiian flower on her head!


Juliet-like-Heather’s favorite was extra-long wavy human hair wig, specially burgundy and black LX Color. Then her decision was sharply changed to the natural hair after she wore it at the end of the photo- shooting. The natural hair proved that no other wigs could beat at its softness.