Round-faced ladies, you’re in luck. Though the ideal haircut for you may require a little extra primping, your features are proportionate enough that few short ‘dos are actually off-limits.
Because your goal is to lessen the roundness in your face, all your style needs is extra “oomph” on top to elongate your look. And your thick, coarse hair — whether you’re sporting curly or relaxed strands — has all the right qualities for this kind of styling.

Round Face
If your face is round, that typically means you have a curved hairline and a chin that’s just about as equally round. Your face isn’t elongated (that would make you an oval), and you don’t have an angular jawline (that would make you a square). Round faces pair best with short ‘dos that have extra volume on top: This adds length and balance to your face. However, tame down the volume at the sides of your head, because this can make your face appear wider than it is.

Curls Galore
Being a black lady, there’s a good chance you’re naturally blessed with tons of curl and volume. Work with those flirty kinks by keeping layers at a minimum: When you’re wearing a short ‘do, too many layers can poof out your tresses and make your face appear even rounder. A few cheekbone-length layers may frame your face perfectly, but going any shorter than that may add a little too much spring to your coils.

Super short Styles
Don’t want to fuss with your tresses? Opt for a “teeny weeny fro” or another variation of it for a low-maintenance cut. To keep your ‘do flattering for your face shape, ask for a cut that’s shorter on the sides than on top. If you want to wear short braids or dreads, go for a brick-layered mop rather than one with a middle part. A part will only flatten your hair on top and push it out to the sides -- a major no-no when you’re dealing with a round face.

Relaxed Styles
If your hair texture is wavy or straight, you may have a little more versatility when it comes to sporting a short ‘do. Try adding some side-swept bangs to add angles to your face, but avoid straight bangs because they’ll emphasize roundness. A sleek bob, cut to chin-length or slightly longer, with plenty of volume on top and in the back, can also sharpen your round features.
Wavy, layered cuts and bobs are flattering for round-faced ladies, too, but part your hair to the side to keep your ‘do from falling flat on top.

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