As we transition from summer to fall, it would also be appropriate to let your beauty experience the same shift. Your hair or wig especially. Summer came with its short style of wigs to stay comfortable due to the heat pushed down at us from the sun, but as we move into the cooler season, it is pertinent that your beauty outlook also moves with the season. From the short bob like hair, we would suggest a sleek straight wig as the best transition style from summer to fall. The sleek straight style with the middle part is a style favored by so many people that wig makers have chosen to continually produce this in many colorful variations while women and beauticians on the other hand are raking it off the shelf as it comes. Moreover not only does the middle part look lovely on the brand of sleek straight hairs, but it also:

  • Helps elongate a square or very round face making it look oval.

  • A center part could also help to highlight asymmetrical face repositioning areas that look uneven.

  • For those with little or no cheekbone, suffice us to say that a center part help accentuate your cheekbone

  • Finally, the center part on straight hair is very versatile and can be worn for fun or serious occasions. Your call!

>>  Paulonia in the color ATT Fuchsia Red
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Making fall fun requires that you have a straight wig with a middle part. Making it more fun is when you have them in various colors, adding the excitement that comes with each color to your day. In our range of sleek straight wigs with a middle part are the Paulonia and Macon.

1. Paulonia: The Paulonia is our variant of the straight wig come with a center part which is about 4 inches with a shiftable lace part which make it look more natural that can be moved from the center to the right or left. It has a half-inch narrow root with smooth silk yaki texture that runs the down the shoulders. The yaki texture makes the hair have the feel of permed African hair. The yaki texture has that “original hair” feeling of coarseness to it. It is tangle-free and comes in an array of delightful colors which we would be reviewing soon.

»» It's a wig, Paulonia

2. Swiss Lace Macon:
This variant of the straight middle-parted wig comes with a swiss lace front. 
It comes a bit shorter than the Paulonia with a finished length of about 11 inches which just fall a bit below the jawline and a part length of 4 inches. A shiftable part is also featured and it could come in silky textures or the more coarse yaki texture. Both wigs are characterized with roughly the same styles, textures and colors only differing in length as the Paulonia has a longer length than the swiss lace macon.

»» It's a wig, Macon


The straight wigs in these lines were packed with over ten unique colors to provide you with a wide array of selectable wigs. If you can think of the color, we would surely have it. The wigs come in Fuchsia red, spearmint green, mustard, Olive green, orange, purple, white, dark copper and dark blue. All colors that are sure to make your fall pop! We would be looking at each of the unique colors and what inspired their incorporation into making the wigs.

- ATT Mint: Have you ever gone out on a hot afternoon craving mint chocolate chip ice-cream or cookies. If you have, you would be glad to know that the essence of the mint comes from a plant known spearmint which comes in very colorful green leaves. Unlike the peppermint, the spearmint has a brighter tone of green. The green shade of the wig was influenced by the spearmint to give you that haute look, almost akin to the tingly sensation you get from eating spearmint.

>> Paulonia in the color ATT Mint!
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- Fuchsia Red
: Originating from the Fuchsia plant, this shade of red is quite subtle and cute. The plant comes in a tone of red that
almost feels like pink just like the fuchsia flower. It can rise from a shy oink color and peak at an almost reddish-purple. Its burst of colors absolutely adds gorgeousness to the wig.

- Olive Green: This rather sassy hair color undoubtedly comes from the color of the olive seeds as the name suggests. Though not as vibrant as the former two, this color brings with it the feeling of calmness. The toned-down green tends to exude a demeanor of gentleness and is perfect for getting into the winter mood.

- Mustard: This is very relatable. Open a can of mustard and you would understand what we had in mind while creating this color. The yellow is vibrant. Nothing says fall as much as yellow(the color of shed leaves) and we bet it’s fun just to blend in with the colors around you with this wig.

- Purple: Royalty at its peak. Not only does this color exude class, it also is a multifaceted color and can be worn for any occasion.

>> Swiss Lace Macon, ATT/Purple, ATT/Mint, and ATT/Mustard
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- White: The color of a cotton field. Imagine the regality of wearing a white wig and look no further. This tone of the wig is sure to adorn your head with beauty that transcends human knowledge.Get in the spirit of winter already, wear a white wig.

- Orange: This color speaks fun all the way, and we aim to achieve that with this wig. The orange fruit-inspired wig is fantastic with any skin color and face shape.

- Dark Copper: Another color that screams fall. The colorful brown variant of this wig blends excellently with brown-skinned girls. We listened to Beyonce took a look at a piece of wire and exploded with ideas.

>> Color Variation of Swiss Lace Macon
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Our range of straight wigs are set to usher you to fall and we have made them more exciting by adding colors.
Colors inspired by nature. Colors that let you blend into your surrounding with ease while adding beauty to your features. The Paulonia and Swiss lace Macon are our range of multifaceted wigs which totally fits into your lifestyle this autumn.