Looking at unicorns in movies or paintings they appear to be white with a tail, colorful mane and horn that are usually multicolored, sometimes like a rainbow.These colors of the unicorn have been popular especially during Halloween season and amongst cosplayers, which inspired our own line of unicorn wigs. The colors in this brand are quite subtle and blend in with the flow of the wig just as the mane of the hair of the unicorn.

>> A simple Brade with 'Unicorn Body Wave'
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The gradation of the colors is very natural because of the unique techniques used to dye the hair. This creates a natural feel to the blending of each colors compared to a simple dip-dye coloring style. 

- Pink: Pink is one of the colors associated with a unicorn. It is the natural Barbie girl color. It is mixture of red and white. This blend gradually gives different tones of pink. The pink wig would most assuredly give you that feminine beautiful look you crave.
- Azure: this is the color gotten from a combination of a tint of green and blue. This calm and resplendent color represents stability. The color azure adds a touch of glow that is easy on the eye to the colors that make up the unicorn brand of wigs.
- Orange: A slight hue of orange adds to the beauty of the whole unicorn color range. Made from the combination of red and yellow, the orange color is the sunshine of the wig.
- Purple: sometimes referred to as the purple pizazz, this color gives the wig its royal features. This color comes from a mixture of blue and red. No wonder it seamlessly connects the pink to the azure in the wig.
- Green: The color brings energy to the list of colors that adorn the unicorn colors. Green speaks of life and with a very light tint of green; the wig is set to be a cynosure of eyes.
- Yellow: The unicorn color tapers to an end in a light shade of yellow that can be mistaken for lemon. This color brings the happy ending to the unicorn color as yellow signifies happiness.

Having studied these unicorn colors, we have specially turned them into the production of our unicorn brand of wigs to come up with nothing short of amazing.



The Unicorn Sundance is one of most popular styles in our brands revamped with the unicorn color. It is wavy from top down and has a ripple wave curls that flows down in one long sweep, and has a 5” Swiss Lace Part for a finishing accent. It comes with adjustable straps and is easily maintained. The hair is heat resistant and hence can be ironed using the flat iron to straighten it out or curler to curl it if need be. Our signature unicorn color starts with a pink and flows down to end with a yellow. The hair can be combed and this is best done with a wide toothed comb to keep the curl alive. Due to the variety of colors present, the wig can work with any skin color as the myriad of colors in a way makes the skin color of the user blend in subtly with the wig color. The spark of colors combined with the wavy curls of the Sundance has made this wig amongst the top picks for shoppers who are in the market for curly wigs. It’s a mix of color and class.


It has a sleek and natural texture and just like the Unicorn Sundance, it flows down the back in voluminous waves that are sexy and bold in styles.The Unicorn Body Wave’s finished length is about 28 inches and there is a 4” center parting. The wig is iron and electric curler friendly as it can withstand heat up to 400 Fahrenheit. When spraying the Body Wave brand, be sure to test spray on only some part of the wig to be sure that the spray does not change the color or cause the wig to fade. The Unicorn Body Wave is multifunctional and can be worn for different occasions and the waves tend to encase the face just perfectly.


This Unicorn Wig falls down the back in a straight smooth flow to a length of about 27 inches. The wig has shiftable parting, which means it does not have ear tabs so wearer can shift the wig cap freely to change up the parting position however you want. The hair can be styled and combed using a paddle brush as it falls in straight. This hair is a top pick especially for ladies that prefer long flowing hair to exude confidence and sexiness. It starts off with a pink hue and gently fuses in with a purple then down to the green and ends in a yellow thus giving off a mermaid-like looking hair. Whether it be work or play, the unicorn straight is sure going to keep you looking great all day long. The different styles of the unicorn hair were created to give you varied options for the best types of multifaceted wigs that are available. Whether you are into cosplay or Halloween parties, the unicorn wig has got you covered.