Every wig lovers go for trendy fashion or for quick fixes when it comes to their hair care and beauty. But can these human hair or synthetic hair beauty items be washed? Most people think only human hair wigs that can be washed. But that is actually not the case. Yes, all wigs can be washed and don’t be scared, its not difficult too. Human hair wigs aren’t washed the same way other synthetic wigs are washed though. This is simply because the human hair is simply tougher than the synthetic material. Washing a synthetic wig is not difficult, you just have to do it right and you are sure to have a good looking wig that would serve its purpose and last longer. Because they are made from synthetic fibers the process of straightening, curling and dyeing, these synthetic wigs would require more meticulous and careful handling to avoid breakage and ultimately damaging the wig.

To wash your wigs you have to get some things handy and they include:
  • A bottle of shampoo
  • A bottle of conditioner
  • The water of different temperature; One should be warm and the other cold
  • A towel
  • A bowl
  • A comb

STEP 1 - First things first, gently brush down or comb the wig to get out every knot and kink in the wig. Make sure you are able to comb the whole length of the hair without the comb snagging on a knot in the hair. Different combs or brushes are used for different styles of hair. Wide-toothed comb is best for curly wigs while wire wig brush is best suited for wavy or straight wigs.
»» Prepare a bowl of warm water and mix with shampoo. You should be careful to use high-quality shampoo which befits the type of hair you are planning to wash. For washing a dyed hair you have to use a color-safe shampoo or if the hair is curly you have to use a shampoo specially made for curly hair.
»» You shouldn’t apply the shampoo directly unto the hair directly alternatively you would have to use the soaped up shampoo water to wash the wig. Also, make sure that the shampoo you use is not the 2 in 1 type that contains conditioner.

STEP 2 - Turn the wig inside out and gently soak it in the water. Twirl the wig a bit in the water to evenly distribute the shampoo through the hair fibers. Allow it to soak for at least 4 minutes without touching it to avoid getting the strands tangled.

STEP 3~4 - Rinse the wig properly with cold water until all the shampoo is removed. You can either do this by submerging and lifting from cold water or in a sink letting running water go through it. you can rinse twice if all the shampoo didn’t go out after the first rinse or if the wig is too thick. Then you can squeeze out all the water in the wig.

STEP 5 - You can now apply the conditioner to the wig. You can choose to fill a bowl with cold water, soak the wig in the cold water and gently massage the hair while applying the conditioner to it or alternatively you could gently pour some conditioner unto the wig while holding it up in the hair and then gently and carefully finger-comb the conditioner into the hair. Take care not to let the conditioner get to the wig cap.
»» You can leave the conditioner for some time on the wig if you wish to allow the oils in the conditioner to hydrate the hair by penetrating it.

STEP 6 - You can then dry the wig by laying the wig on a towel and patting it to dry it. The hair can then be gently combed and allowed to air-dry overnight on a towel. It can then be styled moved unto a mannequin.

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Drying the wig takes some techniques too, it doesn’t just look as easy as it sounds. We would be looking at some of the techniques involved in drying the wig. Turn out the wig and gently squeeze the water out. Take care not to wring or squeeze 

  • the fibers in your fist as this can cause them to break.

  • Pat down the wig with a towel. You can gently place in a towel and pat the length of the wig with a towel to soak up the excess water that could not be squeezed out.

  • Allow the wig to air dry. You can take it out in the sun to dry. The sunlight takes out most if not all of the water still remaining in the wig. Please take note not to brush the wig while it is still wet.

  • After sun drying for some time you can blow-dry if you are running out of time. Dry the wig cap first with a hairdryer then finish up the other parts.

  • Then you can hang upside down to complete the drying process. The ensure there is an even sweep of hair down the length of the wig.


While most people just take off heir wigs and stash it in their closet, what they fail to realize is that they are depleting the life-span of those wigs by storing inappropriately. You should take care to store your wigs properly for longer use. To store your wigs you have to:

  • Clean it before you store. This doesn’t mean you should wash it, you just have to brush it down and spray it (if need be) before stashing it away.

  • Keep your wigs out of direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat tend to dull the color of wigs and if you are the colorful wig lover, keep your wigs away from direct sunlight.

  • Have a corner in your closet specially carved out for your wigs that should have clothes or other personal effect brushing against them.

  • You can put them on a mannequin or a wig hanger in a corner of the closet. You can also place them in hairnets when hanging them up in your closet.

  • There are also plastic containers and boxes that can hold your wigs perfectly. So stock up on those.

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In conclusion, having a wig or wigs isn’t just enough, you should be able to ensure their longevity. This entails washing, storing and maintaining them properly as stated above. Maintaining the wig includes careful brushing down of the wigs regularly and curling the wig if need be, taking care of your own hair especially when you wear the wig daily and storing the wigs appropriately.