Ever noticed how fitting some wigs are and how they complement your face? Well, it's all in the fittingand the color of highlights. Wigs and weaves sometimes come in one or two-toned colors, depending on the producer. These wigs may have highlights or maybe bleached halfway, but we know you know all that. So what is Face frame highlight?

It is a wig or a weave with lighter highlights around the face. It is usually asked of by clients in saloons because it gives a slender and youthful look to the wearer. It is mostly done with lighter colors because they help reduce signs of aging and also give a customized color to the wearer. The face frame colors blend onto the rest of the hair to increase the natural feel of the entire style. The mechanism behind this is to make sure the base color is complemented with the one that brightens the face frame but still keeps the wig/weave color-coordinated. That is why we are particular about the color combinations on our wigs. We have wigs with trending colors to suit the young, old, and whoever is in between. We take our time to tone our wigs in a color-coordinated way to avoid off-color and lack of color blend. We have a beautiful line of products for you to check out and choose from; so let's comb through!


Edgar wears face framing highlights with trendy colors.  We all know at some point in our lives, we have craved for some curls; whether tightly curled hair or loose curls. Edgar is made to complement a variety of face shapes, especially the oval face shape, square face shape, heart face shape, and the round face shape. This hair type is a favorite, and we paid special attention to face-framing highlights. Edgar is packed with beautiful hair colors to suit your preference. The Auburn/Brown wet and wavy curls with an ombre look have a chunk of auburn colored hair framing your face. This hair color goes well with dark skin and even caramel-skinned ladies. The fun side is in our Coral/Pink wig; suitable for anyone who wants to add a twist of color to their look. Coral pink is this year’s pantone color which is trendy and bright color that brings change to the feel of the wearer. The Creamy/Latte wig is also on the train of flirty and face-framing hair; with its three-toned hair, it will give you a sultry look. A favorite for the corporate woman is the Honey/Blonde wet and wavy wig. We recommend it for those who still want to look beautiful without stress. The Purple/Black wig is yet another wig we recommend if you are going for an edgy look. It is two-toned and ombre at the back; while framing your face with the purple highlights. If you need a loud, yet pretty wig, we advise you to get the Swedish/Blond wig.


Kahlo has shiftable part because it has no ear tabs. You can move around the center part to turn into a right or left straight part. In a bid to satisfy our customers with love for the lace center part, we created KAHLO. Kahlo caters to your need for lace closure while framing your face beautifully. Lace center part wigs are the trendy hair wig style presently and are known to fit as many face shapes as possible. The wigs are made with special highlights that complement the general color. KAHLO has a variety of hairstyles, including the tight curls and straight hair to fit you beautifully.

KAHLO features: the Copper/Auburn tight curl wig. This wig is suitable for dark skin and light skin ladies as well as ideal for any face frame. The face is framed by a copper-colored highlight of hair. Suitable for work and any other engagement is the Copper/Brown straight wigs. The full body of this hair is dark brown with copper highlights and frames any face shape perfectly. For the playful and flirty lady, we have the Jean/Grey curly wig. This wig has a general grey overtone and complements any skin color with its Jean Grey highlights. The Pink/Lavender curly wig is also made with the color-loving ladies in mind. We took extra care to make the pink highlights complement the lavender color of this wig. The Red/Wine straight wig is another top pick. With red highlights framing your face, this wine-colored wig complements any skin tone and fits any face shape. We recommend the White/Pink for you if you are after an edgy, yet classy look. Its white highlights are face-framing and give a general edge to the wig.


The SWISS LACE FRIDA wig line is our line of a Swiss lace front. This lace front is soft and silky and real looking hairline. This wig is better appreciated if you need a wig that looks real and has a natural, seamless parting. This line of wigs is more curly than not. However, on request, a straight Swiss lace wig can be made by using straightener up to 400 degrees F.

The wigs in this line are given framing with complementing highlights. The auburn wig with copper highlights are awesome for a cool look and also fits any color of skin and face shape. The grey wig comes with Jean colored highlights that flatter any face frame as well as complementing your face shape and skin color. The realistic Swiss lace on the lavender-colored wig makes it a top pick for an edgy look that will flatter your face shape and frame your face with its pink highlights.

Conclusively, all our wigs are iron friendly and are face-framing for any lady. We also have wigs that are either two or three-toned or also ombre colored wigs to flatter your face shape. So nothing is stopping you from picking your choice.